The Shoemaker Experiment

Suspense, in progress

An experimental medical procedure with the imagination of Dr. Frankenstein and the tenacity of Dr. Lecter. The only way James Clay can save his wife is to place her fate in the hands of the enigmatic Dr. Emil Shoemaker.


The Last Night

Drama, adapted from his novel

The Last Night is about two best friends: one wants to kill himself, the other bargains for a week to change his mind. Their road trip from Seattle to San Francisco to Los Angeles to the California desert captures the fear, heart, and humor brought on by second chances.


Three Card Monte


A caper in the vein of Get Shorty and Out of Sight. Released from prison, con man Monte Berman plans to reunite with his daughter and cash out the diamonds hidden in his house. But he learns his old boss wants the jewels and his home is now a convent.


Daniel Gardina headshot

Daniel Gardina is a screenwriter the author of The Last Night, The Lookout and Other Stories, and the Fiction Fridays series.

He has worked as a copywriter, film projectionist, and healthcare administrator. If you wonder how that last role came about, he’s a creative problem solver. This experience influenced his latest script, The Shoemaker Experiment.

A Los Angeles native, Daniel studied English, philosophy, and film at the University of Southern California.

You can reach him via Twitter or email.